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The Lego Movie: A Lot of Fun, But Not Everything is Awesome

This weekend I actually went out to the cinema and saw The Lego Movie — in 3-D, no less! It was a fun time. The movie is laugh-out-loud funny with stuff that will make everyone laugh without the poop and … Continue reading

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Waiter, This Awesomesauce Has Gone Sour

As long as I’m already irritating geeks anyway, I may as well go ahead and post this too. It’s a sub-part of the previous essay, but I didn’t want to go into detail on it there and open up a … Continue reading

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Made From 100% Recycled Awesome

This is looking like it’s going to be a HEFTY month for me. There’s a lot of good stuff in this month’s Previews, as well as the usual amount of crap. Astro Boy #1 and #2 (p. 56) — Not … Continue reading

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Dear DC Comics I Have a Awesome Comics Idea For You

Seriously dudes this idea will make hundreds of dollars for you. It is an ELSEWORLDS comic idea so it takes familiar elements from the DC Universe and twists them just slightly to say WHAT IF without saying WHAT IF because … Continue reading

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Start Configuring Your Brain For Awesome!

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Awesome is…

…going to the public library and not checking out Louis Reil (Chester Brown), King (Ho Che Anderson), Cromartie High School vols 1-3, or The Rabbi’s Cat (Joann Sfar) because you’ve already decided on Epileptic (David B), The Push Man (Yoshihiro … Continue reading

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On the Table

Here are the boardgames I played over the long holiday weekend:    Smash Up and 3012 Matt and I tried out two recentish acquisitions of mine. Smash Up is a game in which you create your own deck by picking … Continue reading

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Space Cabby by Mathew Digges

There aren’t that many Space Cabby stories, but the ones there are work hard on giving a personality to a character who never got an actual name. So it’s always a blast to see that personality come through in a … Continue reading

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