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Rodney King, Dead at 47

The important lesson of Rodney King: if you’re ever having the shit beaten out of you, lie perfectly still and take it, or it’s your fault.

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“Out of Touch” by Lizzie Borden and the Axes

The post I meant to have for you today will have to wait until tomorrow, possibly Friday. Work, you know. Instead here’s a bit of 80s pop courtesy of Andrew because New Wave girls = rawr.

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Speaking of Wes Anderson

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Video Dog!

I found out the other day that as part of a cross-platform multimedia marketing blitz, the animal shelter made this video to help get Cappy adopted! How did he not get adopted right away?

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This is the Only Item on My Christmas Wish List

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The Worst Song

My blog was down yesterday, which prevented me from posting this, so here it is now. I have decided that the song linked to below, “One Of Us” by Joan Osborne, is pretty much the worst song. I believe, without … Continue reading

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Creepy-Ass Videos, Part II

A while back I found an old video from the early days of MTV that scared me silly back in the day. Now another one has turned up. Folks, here’s “Draw of the Cards” by Kim Carnes from 1981, which … Continue reading

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