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It Was the Book That ‘Total Recall’ Was Based On

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” After seeing this stupid quote attributed to Albert Einstein yet again, I decided to try to set the matter straight on Twitter. me: note: … Continue reading

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Black Friday Fun!

Today I continued last year’s antics of posting fake Black Friday specials on Twitter! Bob’s Beer and Bait has 2-for-1 on worms! Today only, FYE is selling DVDs and CDs for reasonable prices (limit 2). Best Buy is offering Xbox … Continue reading

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Twitter Theater Presents: Fundamentalist Christian Horror Movies

The other day, Dorian (of Postmodern Barney fame) mentioned something about “Fundamentalist Christian Horror Movies” on Twitter. I decided to explore this possible genre and some other folks joined in the fun! daveexmachina: I EVOLVE ON YOUR GRAVE bitterandrew: DRAG … Continue reading

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I’m Leveraging New Web 2.0 Paradigms for Impactful Synergy!

The other night I casually remarked on Twitter about being more or less randomly followed by one of these SEO Web 2.0 Internet Marketing goofballs who follow 2000 people as though they really give a damn about them. (For those … Continue reading

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Yes, yes, Twitter can be used for completely banal things. You’re very clever for pointing that out. But maybe there are situations where the immediacy, ease, and brevity have great advantages. We were glad to know how things were going. … Continue reading

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Antisocial Networking

Bear with me because this is going to sound weird. So you know how I have been on Facebook and Twitter, right? Well, recently I had a bit of a crisis concerning them. Here’s the thing: I am an introvert. … Continue reading

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Fun With Twitter

Broadcasting phony Black Friday sales: Out at Best Buy, loading up on Wiis, for $25 each (limit 6). iPods at K-Mart, free with $50 purchase, comes with $25 iTunes coupon. Black Friday deal at PetSmart: All the kittens you can … Continue reading

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