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My Tweek on Twitter

Some of what I did this week on Twitter. I’m still working on how to make this look good. * BEST OF THE WEEK imo * Nerds need to have Sturgeon’s Law taken away from them * More on me … Continue reading

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Yeah, I Know They Were All Actually Named

So I’m talking to Ken Lowery on Friday and one thing leads to another and suddenly I’m starting a Twitter hashtag game: And other folks step up: Who will win Henry VIII, seductive Anne or shapely Gru’Rikka, The Whispering Shadow? … Continue reading

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The Blue Lines Blues

I’m still not at a point where regular blogging is going to be happening, though I have some topics I plan to discuss. However, I’m still regularly on Twitter. For the longest time my Twitter app of choice was Echofon. … Continue reading

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Things People in the Fallout Universe Must Have Said

“Almost packed for our camping trip! All I need is my hammer and my paperweight!” “I should fix that bookshelf but instead I’ll just sit in front of the TV in my living room that doesn’t do anything” “Should I … Continue reading

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QUACKING Ourselves Up on Twitter

As you know, we have a lot of stupid fun on Twitter dot com with the jokes and what-not. Every now and then I think of a joke that I’m sure will go big and almost every time it totally … Continue reading

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And Ich abide.

I didn’t intend for this week to be low content, but work has other plans. In lieu of the things I intended to talk about, here is a bit of whimsy from Geoffrey Chaucer. [Addendum: Here is the blog of … Continue reading

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The Walls of Heartache Never Saw It Coming

(The following is a series of tweets from Friday morning.) I was inexplicably awake at 5am and you get to benefit from what went through my idiot head then, this is your chance to unfollow Shooting at the walls of … Continue reading

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The Fake Empire Expands its Fake Reach

As you might be aware, some pals and I inadvertently wandered into the worlds of Internet humormongering and publishing a couple years ago when one of our frequent goofs, the @FakeAPStyleBook Twitter feed, blew up into something crazy. We got … Continue reading

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