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In Which I am a Representative of Hateful Liberal Intolerance

Yesterday Andrew Breitbart got upgraded from “Conservative blowhard” to “controversial figure” in one easy step: he died. Suddenly places like MediaMatters and @LOLGOP were issuing statements about how they didn’t agree with him but he certainly had to be admired … Continue reading

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Slow Down There, Dr. Salk. You’re Saying Cancer is Bad?

Say, would you like to have cancer? Probably not. Okay, then, not you. Someone else. Your mother, maybe. Would you like mom to get cancer? How about your best friend? Or maybe your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend. Let’s give cancer … Continue reading

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And Last One, Probably

Missy gave this to Beebo, for some reason.

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Why, YES, Ladies…

…it IS a calculator watch!

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Imperial Troops Have Entered the Base! Imperial Troops Have Entered the *ksssshhhxxx*

Well, entered and seemingly left. That blog post of mine concerning what I feel is a more casual attitude towards the trappings of fascism in America, using Stormtroopers as an example, got linked on io9, as well as a few … Continue reading

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I just got the sweetest damn email, folks! I WON THE BMW LOTTERY! Dear Selected Winner, Your Reference Number:2551256003/23 drew to the lucky number: 29 Congratulations, you have won a brand new BMW 5 Series, M Sport Saloon car and … Continue reading

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Should We Be Concerned?

We just got news from Lenny that our neighbor to the right died. He was an older guy, and we knew he’d been ill for some time. (Still, when we first moved there, he would allatime be out there raking … Continue reading

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No More Raking For Us!

We got an Ood!

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