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If you’ve been anywhere near a comics geek in the past year or so, I’m sure you’ve heard about the upcoming Watchmen movie, followed by the sound of pants being wet. This is the long-awaited film version of the groundbreaking … Continue reading

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An Important Message From Rick Astley

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Chewbacca Says:


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Presented Without (much) Comment

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Just Got This in the Mail

The answer is NO. UPDATE! The obverse: FAMPASS

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Brady, I’ll Never Doubt/Forgive You Again

Okay, brace yourself. Those with weak constitutions, delicate sensibilities, and pregnant and nursing women should probably just keep going. I’m going to post something here that makes even me get a little ill, and I’ve read Doctor Who fan-fiction. Here … Continue reading

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The Dalek Stratagem Nears Completion

“Inside each of those shells is a living, bubbling lump of…oh, no!” “What, Doctor?” “It’s worse than I ever imagined!” “So that makes them…half Uno!” “Those words are blasphemy!” “Behold the true Dalek form. Now, join with me!” “It’s insane, … Continue reading

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