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I Set Down My Xbox Controller, Grab My Pipe, and Talk Politics

We’re all pleased with the demise of DOMA at the hands of the Supreme Court Wednesday, and rightly so. This idiotic law (signed by friend to Conservatives Bill Clinton and voted YEA by Senators Biden, Leahy, Daschle, Reid, Baucus, and … Continue reading

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Come a Long Way

When I wrote about Orson Scott Card not long ago, I was doing so from a position of comfort. I’m not a fan of his books, had not really thought about him in the recent past in any context other … Continue reading

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Now All We Need is 59 More Gay Republican Kids

Well glory be in the morning, a Republican senator had a real life Paul on the Road to Damascus moment! Seems that Rob Portman of Ohio has decided that gay marriage is A-OK by him, and all it took was … Continue reading

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At Least a Pyrrhic Victory Would Still Be a Victory

There’s been a development in the ongoing saga of the Orson Scott Card Superman story. The artist for the story, Chris Sprouse, announced yesterday that he was not going to do the art on it. DC’s response was to say … Continue reading

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Opinions and Assholes

So DC Comics announced that Orson Scott Card would be writing an upcoming Superman story and people all just froke out. Personally, it wouldn’t matter to me if a Superman story was written by Thomas Pynchon, Umberto Eco, or Kurt … Continue reading

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Busy Man Shuts Up Some Fag, Gets On With Own Life

I was originally just going to link to this article as part of This Delicious Week, but it has really stuck in my craw. When Robin Tomlin opened his school yearbook in 1970, he discovered that the quote he’d submitted … Continue reading

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Yes They Should

I know that Obama has an appalling civil rights record. I know that his expansion of many of Bush’s Cheney’s more horrific policies should disgust everyone who supports true progressive government. I know that, despite the morons bleating about socialism … Continue reading

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They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love

This article: One Town’s War on Gay Teens goes on the CON side of the pros and cons list for religion. And it will need a long and remarkable list of PROs to balance it out.

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