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Thanksgiving in Florida

For Thanksgiving we headed down to Florida! Specifically Ft. Lauderdale, where Becky’s sister’s family lives. We had a very nice time enjoying the sunny weather (it snowed here while we were gone), visiting with the Rozmans, and seeing some of … Continue reading

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I Suppose Eat Too

So it’s Thanksgiving Holiday for me and although Thanksgiving itself isn’t a day I care much about, I do enjoy time off! Here’s what’s on the agenda: * Play Lego Lord of the Rings on the Xbox with Becky! * … Continue reading

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A Plea for Sensible Thanksgiving Celebration

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and everywhere I look it’s turkey this and duck that and chicken or goose the other and I have to wonder: America, why is your celebration of whatever the hell thanksgiving is a celebration of incomplete without … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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