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Goodbye iTunes, Hello Plex

We still have two big bookcases full of CDs — those disks music used to come on — in our TV room. And we have a CD changer with a jambox hooked up to it in the hall. That’s our … Continue reading

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We Finally Have Grown-Up Phones

No longer can I insert myself into a conversation just to say, “I don’t even have a cell phone” and then smugly walk away, knowing I’ve blown a few more minds. I am now the proud owner of a Samsung … Continue reading

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Hey, Where’s the Replacements?

A couple months ago Google announced that, in order to focus on useless social network wannabes (Seriously, Google, you know how absurd commercials for Bing are? That’s how Google Plus ads look.) they were ditching their venerable Google Reader site, … Continue reading

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This Delicious Hiatus

Delicious recently came under new management, whose first job was to take something that worked well an make it work not so well. One of the things that doesn’t work right anymore is the process used to transfer links here … Continue reading

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Welcome to Appland, Part Three

Okay, so I’ve told you about some of the things I regularly use and like on my iPad, but I wanted to mention a few things that seem promising, but I just got them recently (or haven’t really done much … Continue reading

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Welcome to Appland, Part Two

Here’s the second part of the guided tour of my iPad, and it focuses on what my iPad primarily focuses on: games. I have them divvied up into different folders. Puzzle I like puzzle games and have a number of … Continue reading

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Speaking of New Technology

Remember the last time we bought a TV? Probably not, since you have no reason to. Well, only five and a bit scant years later, we’re replacing it. It’s been gradually giving up the ghost, so we figured it was … Continue reading

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Please Link and Retweet, Thx

I know I’m fighting a losing battle here, but considering I’m a progressive lefty, that’s something I’m used to. What am I fighting against today? This. Browser Bar 1 Browser Bar 2 Browser Bar 3 Browser Bar 4 Folks, I … Continue reading

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