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Scary Scary Stuff!

My mission in this level of Scribblenauts? They’re making a horror movie, and they need three monsters for it! No problem! Here’s my first attempt. The three monsters were: DEMONIC TRUCK, EVIL HORSE, GHOST DOOR (a door that turned into … Continue reading

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I Freaked Out About It 35 Years Ago

There was much consternation on Twitter yesterday when news came that a much-revered and influential work was going to be re-examined in a way that made its fans distraught. I speak of course, of the decision to re-issue Scary Stories … Continue reading

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I haven’t done a lot of Lego in a while, but I put this together from tablescraps. SPOOOOOOOKY!

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Also, He’d Like to Hold Your Hand

When I was a kid, my mom had a subscription to the National Enquirer. This was back when the NE was more into the UFOs and Bigfoot genres than the celebrity gossip genres. I ate it up as a kid. … Continue reading

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Halloween Hijinks

Not many hijinks, actually. Each year we usually run out of candy, so we bought extra this year and now have a ton left over. A lot of it is gum, but there are also Skittles, which I ate some … Continue reading

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Putting Fears to Rest

With Obama leading in the polls and a victory seeming inevitable, I’ve noticed that a lot of folks on the Right are getting really scared about what the future will look like with an Obama presidency. They seem to think … Continue reading

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Dead Leader, Standing By!

There’s a contest going on over at the Lego site ReasonablyClever, entitled “Spooky Star Wars”. As you can imagine, it involves building a combination Star Wars/Halloween themed Lego model. Last week I got an idea for an entry and this … Continue reading

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