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Return to Spain!

You will never guess where Becky was last week, unless you read the title of this post. She was back in Spain! She couldn’t get enough! In a bizarre quirk of fate worthy of the X-Files, just before we left … Continue reading

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Mutual Cyclops

Building in Barcelona.

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Spain Debriefing, Part One: Photos

I took over 1000 photos while in Spain. We filled up a 2GB thumb drive, and then when the 1GB SD card was nearly filled we bought a 2GB one. And that’s just the photos I took. Becky is in … Continue reading

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We’re Back!

Whew, what a trip! I’m working on getting the 1000+ photos (that’s just the ones *I* took) uploaded someplace. Meanwhile, here’s the TV in one of our hotel rooms. We’re watching bullfighting! Thanks a bundle to Anne, Guest Blogger Idol, … Continue reading

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Hola de Barcelona!

We´re here at an internet cafe after visiting the Picasso Museum, featuring rare, previously unknown works by Peter Dinklage! Next: maybe some beer for lunch! Adios!

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And We’re Off!

See you in a couple of weeks! I’m leaving you in Anne’s capable hands. Don’t give her a hard time or I will hear about it!

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The Reviews Blues

This past weekend we decided to make our exciting upcoming trip to Spain a little less exciting by actually booking hotels. IT took some doing, but we now have a whole itinerary put together (insofar as where we’ll be each … Continue reading

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Running Unopposed

So there’s this trip to Spain coming up at the end of May that we’re really looking forward to. The Time Off From Work has been approved, the airplane tickets are bought, the luggage and accoutrements have been purchased, and … Continue reading

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