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When Life Hands You Towing Charges

On Saturday night Matt and I headed up to Northampton to hang with some pals of ours. We stopped at the strip mall containing Modern Myths, peeked in there, and then continued to our rendez-vous. I assured Matt we were … Continue reading

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Adventures in Bricklinking

This was an actual (more or less) conversation: Me: I kind of lost my mind last night on Bricklink. Dave T: Oh yeah? How much did you spend? Me: Sixteen bucks. Dave T: That’s nothing! Me: It’s four pieces. Dave … Continue reading

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Back-Seat Driving

So despite the fact that the foundations of our economy are sound, now Detroit wants a big-ass bailout. (I’m sure the airlines are next.) Bush is all for the idea, but that’s just because he’s never met a corporation he … Continue reading

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Idea for a Comic Book

A team of three girls. One has black hair, wears a black minidress and black stockings, and has bright red lipstick. One has black hair, wears a black leather motorcycle jacket and black stockings, and has bright red lipstick. One … Continue reading

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Dear DC Comics I Have a Awesome Comics Idea For You

Seriously dudes this idea will make hundreds of dollars for you. It is an ELSEWORLDS comic idea so it takes familiar elements from the DC Universe and twists them just slightly to say WHAT IF without saying WHAT IF because … Continue reading

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