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Office Re-Org

I have begun yet another re-imagining of my office. The new results are above. The idea is this: In the Summer, I like sitting next to the window so I can smell out of it and bark at anyone walking … Continue reading

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There’s Plenty of Room for More!

Last night I finally got my ass in gear and straightened out my comic shelves. I’m switch over to trades-only, and it’s time I not only cleared up the jumbled mess they were but also made sure there was room … Continue reading

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The Chair is Dead, Long Live the Chair!

When we bought this house we inherited a recliner in the TV room which we kept because, hey, free chair. But we’ve gotten tired of it, so for Christmas this year Becky got a new chair. And a real one, … Continue reading

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angle bracket table angle bracket

Check it out! Our new table is finally here! This is a long time coming. We first looked at a for serious dining room table a few years ago, figured out what we liked, and then…did nothing. Finally, the day … Continue reading

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Construction Zone

I mentioned a while back that we straightened up the office and created a new and improved Lego building area for me. It’s really working out well. Here’s a picture of the new space: On the left is a big … Continue reading

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The Revolution Will Be YouTubed

One of the greatest videos in the world is below. I say that with one hundred percent sincerity; no sarcasm. Warning, though, it has some (sort of) sexual content to it. In fact, if you don’t want to watch it, … Continue reading

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