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Hawking Atheism

By now you’ve heard that Stephen Hawking has caused an absolute pandemic of the vapors by boldly declaring there is no Heaven. Lots of people have been saying this for some time, but for some reason this has really got … Continue reading

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Science! Part Two

I have now made a sequel to my Lego Science Platform! This is the Phaladonian Space Telescope “Karwik”. It is a multi-wavelength telescope for doing deep space research. The odd shape for this and the previous one are due to … Continue reading

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After a too-long period of no building, I’m back with a new Lego spaceship. This is the Phaladonian Science Platform “Delomitt”, named after the first scientist of that race to discover and study gravity. These science vessels study planets intensely … Continue reading

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LHC: Satans Stargate to Earth

Probably the most important video you will see this year. Imagine a boot made of stupid stomping on a human brain — forever.

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Well, THAT was Easy

OMG this video is hilarious! This Muslim dude is actually arguing that the Earth is flat! He even claims that, “no doctor has succeeded in understanding how the eye works.” Those silly Muslim fundamentalists! Denying straight up SCIENCE! with their … Continue reading

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