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Obama to Help Heal Nation by Posthumously Pardoning Trayvon Martin for Being Black

So there you go. It’s okay in the state of Florida to hunt and murder a black kid who is simply walking in your neighborhood. George Zimmerman wanted to be a big hero with his gun, so he shot Trayvon … Continue reading

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Loud Music Used to Just Be a Forty Dollar Fine

After Obama’s re-election, handgun sales predictably went up. That’s because, as usual, the NRA had gun owners in a lather about Obama taking guns away and such and so forth and their supporters went out and did the work for … Continue reading

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Welcome to Post-Racial America

Trayvon Martin in his scary black man incarnation I haven’t talked about the Trayvon Martin shooting here, largely because it and such things have made me sick to my stomach. In case you somehow have not heard, on the night … Continue reading

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