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I’m Sure They’ll Let You Carry It In The Memorial Day Parade

I don’t do Previews posts anymore because it got depressing and repetitive, but I couldn’t let this thing in the current Previews go by without a mention. That’s a 60″ x 30″ polyester flag you can fly outside your home. … Continue reading

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As If To Exactly Illustrate My Point From a Couple Days Ago

The latest Previews came yesterday, and this little wonder was in it: What you’re looking at there is a reproduction of a “playset” released in 1978. There are some differences between this item and the original. First, this is scaled … Continue reading

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Yes, Exhilarating is Just the Very Word I Was Thinking Of!

I’ve been through the five stages of grief with Star Wars and come out on the other side at Acceptance. The memories I had as a kid are still intact, some love for it is still there, but for the … Continue reading

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I Know a Dark Place Spike Can Head To

The character of Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer started out as an interesting, credible threat. His first action was to flat out destroy “The Anointed One” to send a message that not only was he taking over, but he … Continue reading

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Good Thing They Put That Avengers Movie Ad in Previews, Maybe Now Comic Book Nerds Will Hear About It!

This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day where you can go into participating comic book stores and get comic books…for free! They’re free to you but not to the retailers, so please be kind and also purchase something. So, now … Continue reading

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Let’s See if He Finds His Way Here: A Previews Post

In a just world, I wouldn’t be allowed to buy any more comics. I’m way behind on all of them, and my to-read stack is now required by OSHA to have guard rails on it. But ours is not a … Continue reading

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Celebrating Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow, the Cow that Changed Chicago Forever!

I wasn’t sure the latest DCBS box was going to get to me before I left (more on that tomorrow) but it landed on my porch yesterday afternoon. In it were Athos in America by Jason, Goliath by Tom Gauld, … Continue reading

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Hey Kids! Torture!

It’s almost been a year since I started using DCBS for my comics, and so far I’ve mostly been pretty pleased with the results. However, I feel like I should help others avoid a problem I’ve had. In March 2011 … Continue reading

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