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Southern Culture on the Skids

We all know now that a week ago Dylann Roof went into a predominantly black church in South Carolina and murdered nine people. He flat-out told them his reason for doing so (they were black), he had a manifesto and … Continue reading

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It’s Always Nice When Someone Else is Embarrassed by David Duke

The first election where I got to pick a governor for Louisiana was between David Duke and Edwin Edwards in 1991. It’s a small wonder that I’ve never gotten too zazzed about voting. This was just after Duke stopped being … Continue reading

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My Proposal for a Post-Racial America

Recent events have aggravated the constant open would of race in America. They haven’t ripped off the bandages or the scab because neither has ever been really applied. There is a deep racial divide in this country, and its effects … Continue reading

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Watch a Man Be Killed, Then Watch a Child Be Killed

Watch these videos. Make yourself sit through the end. Don’t skip through them or turn away. Watch every second. My lily white safe ass has nothing to add here, but I couldn’t say nothing.

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I Set Down My Xbox Controller, Grab My Pipe, and Talk Politics

We’re all pleased with the demise of DOMA at the hands of the Supreme Court Wednesday, and rightly so. This idiotic law (signed by friend to Conservatives Bill Clinton and voted YEA by Senators Biden, Leahy, Daschle, Reid, Baucus, and … Continue reading

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