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Have Some Disfigured Bread

This week is a wash. I’ll be back on task next week. Here’s a photo of my bread this morning.

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This is Me at Work Today

I promise the axe is ONLY to be used to save people, not to behead them. Promise.

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Sorry, Folks

I may be taking the next couple days off from the blog. I’m just completely tapped.

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Blink Blink

Well, I didn’t mean to take today off from the blog, but I had this eye doctor appointment and they dilated my pupils and that was kind of it for looking at the computer for a while. I’ll let you … Continue reading

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Folks, in case it hasn’t shown, I am pretty well burned out at the moment. I just can’t get the momentum here that I’d like. In addition, things are about to get pretty hectic at work. I’m going to take … Continue reading

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No Blog Post Today

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Day Two

Nothing in the past week and a half much went according to plan. I didn’t intend to take a week off from the blog, but I went to Louisiana for a visit and just didn’t feel like messing with it, … Continue reading

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