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You Should Win Things By Watching!

There’s an article making the rounds now about big Hollywood action movies becoming impenetrable messes with sprawling, convoluted plots. I haven’t seen enough of these movies to have much of an opinion on them, but I’m pretty familiar with this … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Thought About Pixels

Last week the Adam Sandler movie Pixels came out, to dismal reviews. The movie seems to be the usual Sandler fare: lazy, juvenile, wasteful, and unnecessary. Nothing unexpected or out of the ordinary. Sandler has become a favorite punching target … Continue reading

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Have I Ranted About Nerds Yet This Year? I Have? Oh Well.

Once again it’s time to tell the men of the Internet not to threaten to rape and murder people. You’d think that this only needs to be said a few times, if at all, but nope, the message still hasn’t … Continue reading

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“Everything in the Crate was epic!” -Joey B.

Yesterday someone tipped me off to the existence of Loot crate, a website where you can pay $13.37 (get it?) a month to get a box of random nerd stuff delivered to your door. I know I’ve ridden the anti-nerd-culture … Continue reading

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Dave’s Bitching About Nerds Again, So Your Hot Pocket Is Done

There’s a video making the rounds where nerd icon Wil Wheaton tells the audience why being a nerd is awesome. I’m not going to link it because there’s no need to; it’s all over the place and you can imagine … Continue reading

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The Question Isn’t Where, But Why?

A while back I commented on how Travis Richey, who played “Inspector Spacetime” on a 20-second spoof of Doctor Who that appeared on Community was looking to extend his “fame” by Kickstarting a web series of the fake show. The … Continue reading

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Catchphrases! On a T-Shirt!

On Saturday, September 1, Doctor Who returns! And yes, I’ll be there. Despite some strong attempts to do so, I haven’t been driven away from the show yet. I really take no pleasure in feeling this way about a show … Continue reading

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We Already Had a Vote on Whether There Should be More Firefly Stuff Back in 2005. It was Called ‘Serenity’ and the Vote was “No”

Man, I bet the folks over at Lego are starting to regret the whole Cuusoo initiative. (This is a thing where people can suggest Lego themes and sets, others can vote on them, and if they hit 10,000 votes, Lego … Continue reading

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