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Something I’ve Been Searching All My Life Through

Ladies and gentlemen, I found it. Since I posted about that video I’ve been busy. I put out the call, telling everyone I was looking to identify an early 80s music video featuring a guy in an apocalyptic setting some … Continue reading

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I Want to Know What This Video Is

Time for me to go after this white whale yet again, but I swear this time I’m going to harpoon the son of a bitch. I’ve written before about the videos that used to creep me the hell out in … Continue reading

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Encyclopedia Lartigue and the Mystery of the Massive Memory

I switched from Firefox to Chrome a few months ago because it seemed like Firefox just kept getting more and more bloated and memory-gluttonous. I don’t run with a million plugins or tabs, but after a short period of time … Continue reading

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There’s Doins Transpirin’

Hmm. What could these carefully chosen approximately 2056 pieces be for?

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