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Benoît Sérialporte, Computer Detective

As the rain pelted the tall windows in the study, Benoît Sérialporte smoothed his mustache and paced the room. His eyes were focused on nothing in particular, and he seemed lost in his own thoughts, thoughts which the other people … Continue reading

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The Honeymoon’s Over

My love affair with the Mackboop has cooled down significantly, I’m afraid. Oh, I still love having a notebook and will probably never go back to a desktop again, but this particular notebook is delivering much grief at the moment. … Continue reading

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Mackboop Backoop

The Mackboop has encountered its first problem. The optical drive won’t read CDs. It reads DVDs fine, just not CDs. I called Dell and they determined it to be a hardware issue, requiring me to send it in. As a … Continue reading

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That Sucks

Looks like I gotta send the Mackboop in to get the DVD drive fixed. It won’t read or write to CDs. It’s more inconvenience than anything else.

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Hey folks, I’m back from a lovely trip down South to see the family. We celebrated belated Christmas, had some seafood, learned about WOOD and WATER, and generally had a pleasant time, but we’ve done this sort of thing numerous … Continue reading

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Mackboop Update

I’ve now had the Mackboop for about a month and people have been coming up to me on the street going, Dave, how’s that working out for you? The answer is: great. I love it. I love being on a … Continue reading

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Behold the Mackboop!

I’ve been in the market for a notebook computer for some time. I’d like something portable that I can work on so that I can go to Louisiana or Illinois or wherever and be able to do work for my … Continue reading

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