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The Lego Movie: A Lot of Fun, But Not Everything is Awesome

This weekend I actually went out to the cinema and saw The Lego Movie — in 3-D, no less! It was a fun time. The movie is laugh-out-loud funny with stuff that will make everyone laugh without the poop and … Continue reading

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Okay, Yes, You Got Me, Lego Movie

This looks like it will be genuinely funny and a lot of fun. I’m in. That said, in other Lego news, the Lego board games are ending. I got a couple of them for the parts and they weren’t great … Continue reading

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My Biggest Lego Project Ever?

I’ve started my next big Lego project and it’s a killer. It will involve thousands of bricks, a large surface area, and hours of time. Here it is, in progress: It’s not a Lego tribute to The White Stripes, it’s … Continue reading

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A Nnovvember Triumph!

I wasn’t sure I would have a Vic Viper built for this year’s Nnovvember celebration. I haven’t touched my Legos in ages and was having trouble motivating myself to get building. In fact, for the past couple weeks I’ve been … Continue reading

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One Does Not “Simply” Do ANYTHING In This Game

One of the goals I sought to accomplish over the holiday was to play a lot of our new Xbox game, Lego Lord of the Rings. We’ve enjoyed the Lego adventure games since the first one and have played all … Continue reading

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Hey Dave, What About Legos?

I’m glad you asked, title of this post! Although I’ve certainly bought Legos fairly recently, I haven’t built anything since March. I’ve been in something of a Lego slump, wanting to build but not having any good ideas as to … Continue reading

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A Very Lego Birthday

Traditionally, over on my daily Lego blog I don’t post images of my own creations except for on my birthday. When that happened yesterday, I was kind of in a bind, because I haven’t really done that much Legoing lately. … Continue reading

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The Power of Freedom: Iraq by Mike Doyle

Mike Doyle is a former boardgame artist who switched horses and became a Lego artist. I posted about him on MetaFilter a while back. He’s put out some amazing pieces, and now there is this. It’s called The Power of … Continue reading

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