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NoVVember 2014: The Pit Viper

As has been sadly customary, this year I figured I was going to skip NoVVember (the annual Lego monthly “event” in which people build spaceships based on the “Vic Viper” from the videogame Gradius, which I’ve been doing since 2008) … Continue reading

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Remember When I Used to Do Lego?

You will never guess what I did last night. I built with Lego! When we last left off, I had a brilliant plan to re-sort all my Lego by brick type. This took a long time to do and then … Continue reading

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The Lego Movie: A Lot of Fun, But Not Everything is Awesome

This weekend I actually went out to the cinema and saw The Lego Movie — in 3-D, no less! It was a fun time. The movie is laugh-out-loud funny with stuff that will make everyone laugh without the poop and … Continue reading

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Okay, Yes, You Got Me, Lego Movie

This looks like it will be genuinely funny and a lot of fun. I’m in. That said, in other Lego news, the Lego board games are ending. I got a couple of them for the parts and they weren’t great … Continue reading

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Lego Diem is 5!

Today is the fifth birthday of my daily blog, Lego Diem. That’s over 1800 photos of and about everyone’s favorite building blocks (or else GTFO). We celebrated with this great image: As for my own personal Legoing, well… Earlier this … Continue reading

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It Happened on Brick Avenue

An adorable stop motion Lego film by dustincropsboy

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My Biggest Lego Project Ever?

I’ve started my next big Lego project and it’s a killer. It will involve thousands of bricks, a large surface area, and hours of time. Here it is, in progress: It’s not a Lego tribute to The White Stripes, it’s … Continue reading

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My 2012 in Lego

This was a pretty lean year for me, Lego-wise. I experienced builder’s block something fierce and only recently got my Lego groove back on. But while I didn’t build as much as I’d like, I still did some thinking and … Continue reading

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