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This Is Our New Lawnmower

It replaces our lousy old one. How lousy was the old one? It was made by Frigidaire. We had a bunch of leaves and pine needles raked up (and not raked up) and waiting to be bagged. Probably several bags’ … Continue reading

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Leaf Bag Winner!

We’ve raked up 77 bags of leaves. I would add “so far” since we haven’t touched the back yard yet, but honestly, the chances of that happening are pretty slim. And it wouldn’t matter anyway for contest purposes, since the … Continue reading

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Get Your Guesses In!

Guesses for this season’s Leaf Bag Contest must be submitted before noon Eastern time on Friday, October 30! Let’s see some more participants!

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It’s the Most Exciting Event of the Year!

It’s the annual Leaf Bag Contest! Yes, this weekend we begin yard cleanup once more, and our toil is your entertainment! Get your guesses in as to how many bags of leaves we’ll rake up before either (a) it snows … Continue reading

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Leaf Bag Contest Winner!

We got 25″ of snow last night, so the leaf bag contest must come to an end! This is actually a lie — we got like MAYBE an inch, but it sounds much better than “We ran out of steam … Continue reading

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Update! Update!

I hope the lack of real updates will be forgiven by an honest-to-gosh leaf bag update. Becky got six more bags done while I was saddled down with work, making the total 40. Here are the new standings: 1 – … Continue reading

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Tiny Birds

(No leaf bag update. This week was nothing but rain again. There’s stuff that NEEDS to be raked, but it’s always sopping wet.) I was running low on stupid shit to do on the computer, so I’m now on Twitter. … Continue reading

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No Leaf Bag Update

Well, there is an update, but the update is: status unchanged. Still at 34 bags. It rained all week long which brought down a lot of the leaves from the tree by the garage, but everything is soaking wet so … Continue reading

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