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Kickstarted to the Curb

On Friday I backed Eminent Domain: Microcosm on Kickstarter. I’m not a fan of Eminent Domain, but this isn’t an expansion, it’s a separate game set in the same “universe”. A copy is only $10, and it looked like it … Continue reading

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Marrying Mr. Darcy

Despite playing a lot of boardgames, I have only Kickstarted a handful. For a long time I didn’t see much reason to Kickstart any, as I already have a ton of games, and more to choose from to purchase, all … Continue reading

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Potato Print Lincoln

Cory McAbbe is a musician, filmmaker, actor, and artist that my pal James got me into. I’ve seen his movies The American Astronaut and Stingray Sam, both of which are musicals, and enjoyed the movies and the music. He’s talented, … Continue reading

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It Takes a Real Man to Pay Five Bucks For Being Wrong

I’ve said before that I’m leery of Kickstarter. I think there’s a useful space for it, but, especially in the boardgaming world, it’s getting used a lot by relatively established companies on products that don’t seem to particularly need it. … Continue reading

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Runners: The Big Snow Job

Remember when I backed a comic on Kickstarter for (I think) the first time? That comic was Runners: The Big Snow Job by Sean Wang, and I got the PDF a while back. My backing level also included a PDF … Continue reading

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To Be, To Not Be, or…Something Else???

Despite not being a huge fan of Kickstarter (mostly when it comes to boardgames), I have backed a few, and lately those have been showing up! I’ll be talking about two of them, which are comics, at a later date, … Continue reading

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I Backed a Kickstarter!

I’m not a big fan of Kickstarter, but I can’t say I’ve never used it. I’m not looking to buy things that don’t exist, but every now and then there’s a webseries or book project that I just can’t resist. … Continue reading

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Kickstarter, in case you aren’t aware, is a “crowdfunding” website, where people can propose a product and ask other folks to fund it. If you decide to “back” a project, you agree to put up some money in return for … Continue reading

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