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These People Led Us For Eight Years

Donald Rumsfeld, a man who I doubt could care less about Jesus, slapped Bible quotes on his briefings because he knew Bush was into that sort of thing. This is how he and Cheney got their precious Iraq war started. … Continue reading

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Head to Toe, I’m Dressed in Black

Comments on some things that either happened while I was away or while I was too busy finding my feet again. ITEM THE FIRST: OBAMALLULAH! I’m not sure what I’m happier about…that Obama finally got the nomination or that the … Continue reading

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No More.

No more leg. No more home. No more son. No more golf. Bush says gave up golf in solidarity with Iraq dead

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Super Tuesday

Hillary Clinton voted for the War in Iraq. For me, that’s what it comes down to. Which is not to say that it’s just a single issue; I consider that vote to be a good indicator of just what we’re … Continue reading

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Release the Kraken!

The recent cold weather hasn’t kept me from computer gaming, even in the basement where all the warm air rises away from. I admit, though, that gaming down there has required me to wear my sad little gloves with the … Continue reading

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