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I Must Have…the Blue Pages!

I haven’t played on my Xbox in a while. Becky’s folks were here for a bit and…it was easier to abstain than explain. I did, on the other hand, work the hell out of my iPad. I found that at … Continue reading

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I spoke a little about Nightfall before, but I want to talk about it some more. When Dominion invented the “Deckbuilding” genre, a lot of publishers swooped in to try to capitalize on it. I’ve played a few of these … Continue reading

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My New iPad

After much hemming and hawing, last night I reached down and grabbed a pair (of shoes; I was barefoot at the time) and headed up to the Apple store to get me a new iPad. Behold! I had been getting … Continue reading

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Set Continuous Stardampener to 2!

In my Videogames of 2012 post there was a notable platform missing: the iPad. The truth is, I just haven’t playing games on it. It’s not just boardgames I’ve not played, it’s pretty much games at all. I can’t blame … Continue reading

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Board Gaming on the iPad

When I first got my iPad, one thing I was jazzed about doing on it was playing boardgames. The promise of a library of games I could play whenever I wanted against AIs, against real opponents, or asynchronously (I’ll explain … Continue reading

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Scary Scary Stuff!

My mission in this level of Scribblenauts? They’re making a horror movie, and they need three monsters for it! No problem! Here’s my first attempt. The three monsters were: DEMONIC TRUCK, EVIL HORSE, GHOST DOOR (a door that turned into … Continue reading

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All Sorts of Amazing Games in the iOS App Store and What Have I Been Playing the Most?

Pawn’d, a simple match-3 game in which the blocks move like chess pieces. I especially like the game mode where you have eight lives and lose one every time you make a match that only results in three tiles being … Continue reading

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You Must Gather Your Party Before Venturing Forth

Still pretty busy, but let me tell you, I cannot wait for this: It’s Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition, for the iPad! Read about it here.

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