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We Can Be Happy Underground, a Fallout Shelter Review

Like many others, I have been playing the iOS game, Fallout Shelter, a free-to-play game put out by Bethesda to help pass the time until November 10th, when Fallout 4 is released. Fallout Shelter is a Tamagotchi of a “game”. … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Monument Valley

When it comes to iPad games, I’ve found that there are two types I get the most play out of. First, adaptations of boardgames that allow asynchronous play, and second, casual puzzle games. I like playing on the iPad before … Continue reading

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iOS App Review: Cahoots!

Ever since college, I’ve been a big fan of trick-taking games, card games in which each player plays a card and one of them “wins” the trick. Usually you’re bidding on how many tricks you can take, trying to score … Continue reading

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If a Game Doesn’t Let You Adjust Blade Tang on Swordsman Units, Is It Really a Civilization Game?

The game I have been playing lately on the iPad is Civilization Revolution. This is a big honkin’ deal for me. Back in college, I gave the original Civilization computer game a spin, but I was terrible at it. Once … Continue reading

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App Review: Mars Needs Mechanics

Mars Needs Mechanics is a boardgame by Ben Rosset that came out from Nevermore Games (by way of Kickstarter) last year. I’ve not played the physical version, but there’s now an iPhone version that its developer, Josh Edwards, was kind … Continue reading

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“Bonjour! Les Pommes Sont Rouges et Je Suis Désolé.”

I took three years of French in high school. I took something like four semesters in college. I should know me some French by now but the truth of the matter is, I wasn’t a very good student. Most of … Continue reading

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iPadular Board Gaming!

There have been a bunch of new boardgame releases on iPad lately, and here’s a post to tell you about the ones I’ve been enjoying. Lords of Waterdeep — It was my Game of the Year for 2012, it’s one … Continue reading

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I Must Have…the Blue Pages!

I haven’t played on my Xbox in a while. Becky’s folks were here for a bit and…it was easier to abstain than explain. I did, on the other hand, work the hell out of my iPad. I found that at … Continue reading

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