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Do Away With Comments

“Don’t read the comments.” It’s a mantra one chants while surfing the Internet. There is a Twitter feed tasked with drilling it into your head. A Google search on the phrase reveals thousands of hits and images bearing this message. … Continue reading

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Ten Years Ago We Had Bob Drugs, Johnny Cash, and Steve Guns. And Now…

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The Phone Game Sensation That’s Sweeping the Nation!

Can anyone get past Level 10 on Flappy Cappy?

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How to Get Your Dog to Swallow a Submarine

A couple years ago some of the Bureau Chiefs did a project called The Content Farm, which presented funny (to us) “how-to”guides on things. It didn’t last that long, but I wrote three articles over there: How to Climb a … Continue reading

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QUACKING Ourselves Up on Twitter

As you know, we have a lot of stupid fun on Twitter dot com with the jokes and what-not. Every now and then I think of a joke that I’m sure will go big and almost every time it totally … Continue reading

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The Walls of Heartache Never Saw It Coming

(The following is a series of tweets from Friday morning.) I was inexplicably awake at 5am and you get to benefit from what went through my idiot head then, this is your chance to unfollow Shooting at the walls of … Continue reading

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The Fake Empire Expands its Fake Reach

As you might be aware, some pals and I inadvertently wandered into the worlds of Internet humormongering and publishing a couple years ago when one of our frequent goofs, the @FakeAPStyleBook Twitter feed, blew up into something crazy. We got … Continue reading

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I Took a Photograph of the Internet!

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