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ToMAYto, ToMAHto

This story got a lot of traction last week: Ahmadinejad allies charged with sorcery There was a lot of “Ho ho, look how backwards and superstitious those nutty Muslims are! Djinns! The very idea is absurd!” But let’s not be … Continue reading

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This Image was Designed to Break Some Brains

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The Mad Tea Party

Michelle Bachmann, for some reason, got to deliver a response to the State of the Union address the other night. I’m not pleased with this indication that we’re supposed to take the Tea Party seriously. I can’t take them seriously … Continue reading

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/!\ Citizens Demand Better Treatment of Their Elite Superiors!

I used to love playing SimCity 2000. It was the last good SimCity game before Maxis decided that I also wanted to control the timing of stoplights, slope of sidewalk ramps, what species of grass a park had, etc. One … Continue reading

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Gaming in the News

Three different stories of board gaming in the news! First, bizarrely terse coverage of the 25th anniversary of what sounds like a typical game store: Enchanting games for 25 years Next, obnoxious coverage of stores in Chicago by a dude … Continue reading

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