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Feeling Better

After sleeping away most of today, I’m feeling much better. I’m such an awesome house guest!

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By the Time You Read This, I Will Already Be in Flight

Headed to Illinois today to see my pals there! Oh, and for work, I guess. As a bonus, I have a cold! So all you folks on the plane can thank me for your scratchy cough afterwards!

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Who Has No Thumbs And Vastly Decreased Liver Enzymes?

This guy! When we last left Beebo, his liver enzymes were sky-high, indicating probable major liver damage. On Friday he went back to his regular vet and had some blood work done. The results came back yesterday and those enzymes … Continue reading

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This is a somewhat more well dog: After a few days of the ol’ baby food and rice, he’s back to normal! He had him some regular dog food today and seems to be keeping it down, we’ve been playing, … Continue reading

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This is a sick doggie. He’s been sick since Monday evening, unable to keep any food down. There has been a LOT of dog vomit around here the past couple of days. Why? Because Becky’s out of town, of course! … Continue reading

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