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I Had That! #45: Star Wars Trading Cards

As is blatantly obvious, Star Wars hit me in exactly the right way. It was my first real fandom, and I couldn’t get enough of it. Before the advent of DVDs or even videotapes (though, more on that later) we … Continue reading

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I Had That! #44: Doctor Who: The Game of Time and Space

(For today’s “I Had That”, I’m reposting part of a blog post from two years ago.) A recent discussion on BGG had me thinking about the oldest game I own. That is, what game have I held on to for … Continue reading

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I Had That! #43: Lego Space Command Center

For over a quarter-century Lego’s classic space Galaxy Explorer has loomed large in my mind (as well as the minds of many other Lego fans). It was, and is, an iconic part of my Lego childhood. But it wasn’t the … Continue reading

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I Had That! #42: Godzilla, King of the Monsters

I didn’t really start reading comics until my teens. Unlike a lot of my peers, I didn’t grow up with Superman or Spider-Man comics. I had very few comics as a kid, mostly due to lack of interest. The Time … Continue reading

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I Had That! #41: Radio Shack 150 in One Electronic Projects Kit

It’s possible that folks of the current generation can’t even parse this thing. Today’s electronics don’t open up, even for a fleeting glance at a circuit board while replacing a battery. No one takes apart their TV or radio or … Continue reading

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I Had That! #40: Golden Nature Guides

I didn’t read a lot of fiction as a kid. For someone who supposedly liked science fiction, I didn’t read any of the classics. I didn’t really go for comics too much. I did the Hardy Boys thing briefly, and … Continue reading

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I Had That! #39: Dune Action Figures

Long-time readers will know how much I unflinchingly adore David Lynch’s Dune. A lot. Possibly too much. When it came out in 1984 I fell for the movie, even though I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. I … Continue reading

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I Had That! #38: Voice of the Mummy

(For this week’s entry I’m reposting something from a while back.) When I was a wee lad, my family had this awesome game called Voice of the Mummy. Honestly, I can’t remember a lot about the actual playing of the … Continue reading

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