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Twitter Theater Presents: Fundamentalist Christian Horror Movies

The other day, Dorian (of Postmodern Barney fame) mentioned something about “Fundamentalist Christian Horror Movies” on Twitter. I decided to explore this possible genre and some other folks joined in the fun! daveexmachina: I EVOLVE ON YOUR GRAVE bitterandrew: DRAG … Continue reading

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Time for Church

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How Much is that Virgin in the Window?

Springfield might not be the most beautiful city in the world, but God has smiled on us nevertheless! For the moment, we’re hosting our very own miracle! It seems that the BVM (Blessed Virgin Mary) has made an appearance in … Continue reading

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The Crabifix

This is the Crabifix. A friend of mine got it for me at a yard sale, back in college. It’s a thing of wonder and beauty. Is it blasphemous? I don’t know. I don’t think so. I think it takes … Continue reading

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