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The Takahashi Job

THE TAKAHASHI JOB (2015) Comic written by me, with art by Dave Hotstream. This was for an anthology of heist-themed comics that ended up not happening, but I like it too much for people not to see it.

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House Blend

Written by me, drawn by the incomparable Calamity Jon Morris!

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Remember When This was Just a Thinly Veiled Metaphor and Not a Literal Depiction of a Political Situation?

Do I even need to add any text to it?

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The Doctrine of Original Sin

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Bus Off a Cliff Comics: Leftsplaining

Stop Leftsplaining! Why the left should stop grousing, whining, Eeyoring, and parsing differences with your allies and get about the cheerful business of being heroes. I guess “emoprog” is all grows up now.

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Topical and Current Political Cartoons

Here’s a cartoon I made concerning the imminent threat of a nuclear Iran: and here’s a cartoon regarding the drum-beating to attack Iran over their imminent nuclear threat: I think both of those succinctly address the current situation with regards … Continue reading

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Thrown Down a Well Comics: I Am the 53

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The Mad Tea Party

Michelle Bachmann, for some reason, got to deliver a response to the State of the Union address the other night. I’m not pleased with this indication that we’re supposed to take the Tea Party seriously. I can’t take them seriously … Continue reading

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