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I know, I know, you’re looking at the space marked on your calendar and saying, “But Dave, your Seventh Blogiversary isn’t until TOMORROW!” And you’re right. But nobody reads anything on the weekends, so I’m going to crow about it … Continue reading

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Lego Annum

Did you know I also have a blog devoted to the glory and magic of Lego? I do! It’s called “Lego Diem” and today it is one years old!!

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Happy Blogday!

Happy fourth blogday to my pal Dave, and his site, Thiel-a-Vision! He doesn’t have comments on his blog, and man, I totally understand why, so I’m congratulating him here! From the Death Star to Latitude Zero, I always enjoy his … Continue reading

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If Man is Five, If Man is Five, If Man is Five

Dave Ex Machina (nee Legomancer dot net) is six years old today! Wooo! Can you believe I’ve been grinding this stuff out for over half a decade? That might be sad. Here’s some highlights from the last year of blogging. … Continue reading

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