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Another Goddamn Mass Shooting

One person tried to use a shoe bomb on an airplane and thirteen years later everyone still has to take their shoes off to board a plane. But here’s yet another mass gun murder of several innocent people and we … Continue reading

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An Easy Way to Get Unfriended By Me on Facebook

Compare your desire to have a 15-round assault rifle clip to Rosa Parks’ desire to sit in the front of the bus. I’m done with gun fetishists. I don’t want to hear any more.

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After Newtown

Being in front of the computer all day Friday, watching the day’s events unfold, was awful. The situation just kept getting worse and worse, the number of victims higher and higher. There was plenty of misinformation going around, but the … Continue reading

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Reports of 27 Dead in Connecticut School Shooting

New is being updated here, and it just keeps getting worse. I’m sure we’ll be told that now is still not the time to have a serious discussion about gun violence.

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Loud Music Used to Just Be a Forty Dollar Fine

After Obama’s re-election, handgun sales predictably went up. That’s because, as usual, the NRA had gun owners in a lather about Obama taking guns away and such and so forth and their supporters went out and did the work for … Continue reading

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