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Well, the Mancers will be returning tomorrow so it’s time for me to bid you all farewell.  I thought I’d leave the same way I came in–with some crude photoshopping to welcome them back: This has been a blast.  And I … Continue reading

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Who needs to write any content when you’ve got a dog like this?

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You say tomato…

As the summer season approaches, the Nevada Commission on Tourism has ramped up its ad campaigns to convince travelers that there’s more to see in the Silver State than just casinos and brothels.  And yes, this state has some amazing … Continue reading

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Kitchen Gnat

Awww.  Our little visitor showed up again today.  Do you see him?  Our kitchen gnat.  He shows up once a month for about a week.  You go, little gnat, you go!  Every home needs a kitchen gnat.

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The Garden of Eatin’

What if Eve offered Adam the fruit and he refused to eat it?  According to Burger King, all you need to do is slice it up to look like a French fry to tempt the appetite.  In late 2007, BK … Continue reading

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Coming soon…

Prepare yourselves for…DUPLOMANCER! (This blogger is not yet rated.  Viewer discretion is advised.)  

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Reminder! Voting closes on Friday at noon, so get your votes for GUEST BLOGGER IDOL in! The contestants again: KURT: Open Letter to the Gaming Industry ANNE: Crazy Flipper Fingers AL: Tag JEFF: Better Late Than Never To vote, send … Continue reading

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Okay, you’ve seen what our contestants have to offer, so now it’s time to cast your vote for GUEST BLOGGER IDOL! To vote, simply email your selection to this address: One vote per email address, please. If you have more … Continue reading

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