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It’s Always Nice When Someone Else is Embarrassed by David Duke

The first election where I got to pick a governor for Louisiana was between David Duke and Edwin Edwards in 1991. It’s a small wonder that I’ve never gotten too zazzed about voting. This was just after Duke stopped being … Continue reading

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Ask Mayflower, Arkansas, About the “Great Flood”

“Why are atheists always so angry? What’s the harm in religion if it makes people feel better?” US congressman cites biblical flood to dispute human link to climate change “I would point out that if you are a believer in … Continue reading

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No, Congressman, Please Go On!

Yesterday some GOP goofball Alaskan representative, Don Young — who is celebrating his fortieth year of collecting a paycheck from the same government he rails against — was excreting words about immigration or something, when he came up with this … Continue reading

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