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I Had That! #47: Enemy Visitor Action Figure

V, for “Visitor”, not “Vendetta”, was an odd sort of thing to me. On the one hand, I eagerly watched the original miniseries in 1983 and enjoyed it. I bought the novelization of the miniseries and its East Coast Crisis … Continue reading

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I Had That! #42: Godzilla, King of the Monsters

I didn’t really start reading comics until my teens. Unlike a lot of my peers, I didn’t grow up with Superman or Spider-Man comics. I had very few comics as a kid, mostly due to lack of interest. The Time … Continue reading

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I Had That! #32: Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine

A constant theme of my youth was trying out different fandoms. I criticize the nerds of today as being more interested in being into a fandom than in whatever that fandom is about, but I can’t deny that this was … Continue reading

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I Had That! #21: Shogun Warriors

Those of you who were around during the time period I’ve been documenting knew this would be an eventual entry. When the Shogun Warriors hit America in 1979, they hit hard. There was no way to be 11 years old, … Continue reading

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…a certain licensed Marvel comic were radically different?

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