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Love and War: How Militarism Shapes Sexuality and Romance

(Full disclosure: Tom Digby is a colleague of my wife’s and a pal. He gave her a copy of his book and after she finished it, I read it.) Yesterday this article was going around Twitter, or at least the … Continue reading

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Kathy Sierra on Trolls (Read This Now)

I’m linking to this because it’s a powerful encapsulation of the bullshit that women in the tech industry have to go through every goddamn day for ten years from assholes like the #GamerGate morons. Kathy Sierra is a software developer … Continue reading

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The Boardgame World Sees It’s Falling Behind Videogames, Races to Catch Up

Previously on “Dave Ex Machina”: In Last Light you get to go to a post-apocalyptic strip club and have a no-doubt strong and empowered female character give you a topless lap dance! Progress! Today I find out about this new … Continue reading

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You Can’t Declare War on Women, We’re ALREADY at War with Them

We started out Memorial Day with the latest mass-shooting by a legally-armed lone-nut. What set this case aside from the others was the alleged trigger and target for Elliot Rodger: he was a “nice guy” who was furious that women … Continue reading

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A Shocking, Suspenseful Twist Within a Shocking, Suspenseful Twist

I’ve been reading some more EC comics reprints. This time it’s Came the Dawn, a collection of stories drawn by one of my favorites, Wally Wood. These are taken from EC’s horror vehicles as well as Shock SuspenStories, which often … Continue reading

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You Know, For Girls

A few years ago I was standing in the Lego aisle at Toys R Us, along with a man and a woman. The man was remarking on all the Lego sets and the woman dismissed them, saying, “Yes, but none … Continue reading

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