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At Least a Pyrrhic Victory Would Still Be a Victory

There’s been a development in the ongoing saga of the Orson Scott Card Superman story. The artist for the story, Chris Sprouse, announced yesterday that he was not going to do the art on it. DC’s response was to say … Continue reading

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Notable Board Games: Where Are They Now?

Since 2005, when my interest in board gaming really took off, I’ve been doing a yearly “best-of” list that I didn’t want to call “best-of” because stupid reasons. So they’re the “Notable New (To Me)” lists. Each year there are … Continue reading

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Big Damn Frakkin’ Sad Trombone

So hey, it’s been a week since I unveiled my own little Manhattan Project, the Big Damn Frakkin’ T-Shirt. This was my ticket to riches in a train made out of shame, hypocrisy, and mostly cotton! Big things were predicted…big … Continue reading

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Fingernails Update

A year ago today I posted about my attempt to stop biting my fingernails. Let’s check in with me and see how I’m doing at it. The good news is, I haven’t bitten my fingernails in all this time. The … Continue reading

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As If To Exactly Illustrate My Point From a Couple Days Ago

The latest Previews came yesterday, and this little wonder was in it: What you’re looking at there is a reproduction of a “playset” released in 1978. There are some differences between this item and the original. First, this is scaled … Continue reading

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Poetry Corner Update

Several years ago I shared one of my all-time favorite poems with you all. At the time I didn’t know the author (or, it turns out, the correct title). But advances in Googling have now rescued those things! So here … Continue reading

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