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I’m Essentially Playing as a Super Mutant Cosplayer

Over the Memorial Day Weekend I got it in my head to replay Fallout 3. I guess I figured that my Xbox 360 needed a break from constant Borderlands playing to spend a little time with the second of The … Continue reading

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If You See Me Coming To Your Post-Apocalyptic Town to Help You Regain Civilization, Pull Out a Shotgun and Tell Me to Keep Walking

People have asked me how I like my new Xbox and my answer has pretty much been, “I’ve been told it can play games other than Fallout: New Vegas but I don’t have any evidence of this or know why … Continue reading

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This weekend I was going to try to finish Fallout: New Vegas before I leave for Illinois on Tuesday. I did not succeed.

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Finding Sass in Mass

For the first three Fallout games, the beverage of choice in the post-apocalyptic wasteland is Nuka-Cola. But in Fallout: New Vegas, it turns out that this portion of the country had an alternative: Sunset Sarsaparilla. Sunset vending machines are everywhere, … Continue reading

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The Post-Post-Apocalyptic World

Saturday afternoon I finished Fallout 3. The end of the game came upon me abruptly, largely because I abruptly decided to head for it. I had been ignoring the main quest and instead wandering around exploring, doing side quests, and … Continue reading

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I’d Like to Thank All Those DC Subway Workers Who Keep 5.56mm Rounds in Their Filing Cabinets

And now, the screenshot you never thought you’d see me post: That’s me, playing a first-person shooter, Fallout 3 (thank you again Curtis!). That’s me playing a first-person shooter and loving it. Seriously, I played the hell out of this … Continue reading

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More Like FAILout, Amirite?

Launched into Fallout 3 last night. Well, tried to. I tried three times to play and each time the game locked up while I was still creating my character. Looks like my computer just can’t do it, or vice-versa. So … Continue reading

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