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I Played That! #33: Eye of the Beholder Series (PC)

Were a lot of other people doing this series, there would be an entry for the various “gold box” Dungeons and Dragons games. For some reason, even though I played a lot of junk, I never played those. I didn’t … Continue reading

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I Have No Shame

Here’s a shirt you can not buy.

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I Had That! #13: Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

I’ve been digging around and trying to figure out what the first incarnation of Dungeons and Dragons I owned was. I had the boxed Basic Set, but not the one with the Erol Otus artwork on the cover, which means … Continue reading

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Diablo Three Delivers What Dungeons and Dragons Merely Promised

Back in my Dungeons and Dragons days, I was creating a new character with Chris, Christine, and Dave. We were at the point where we were equipping our guys, when I saw this in the items available for purchase: “What’s … Continue reading

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