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I Had That! #23: Doctor Who Target Novelizations

When I first got into Doctor Who in 1981, it wasn’t a terrible time to be a fan. Though merchandise was thin on the ground, it was starting to come in. Unlike fans even a few years earlier, you didn’t … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: The Last Temptation of the Doctor

So here we are, at the purported endgame (one can only hope) to a storyline that’s been spinning along for three seasons now. The problem with storylines that last an entire season or more is, what if your storyline is … Continue reading

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18,263 Days of the Doctor

I have been a Doctor Who fan since 1981. Like many American fans, I started with Tom Baker’s Doctor, learned to get used to Peter Davison’s Doctor, and had brief, usually-several-generations-dubbed flings with Jon Pertwee’s Doctor. Hartnell and Troughton I … Continue reading

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The Day of the Doctor…

…will be tomorrow. I’m rewatching it now.

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Happy 50th Birthday Doctor Who!

Thank you for bringing me so much joy for decades!

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Everyone Surprised When Actor Chosen to be Doctor Who Turns Out to Be Actor Everyone Thought Might Be Chosen

The new actor for Doctor Who has been announced (boy, has it) as Peter Capaldi. For a change, this is the guy most people thought it would be, and doesn’t have folks going, “Who?” I think it’s a great choice … Continue reading

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Doctor Who Season 7: Hide

Last week’s Cold War was a good episode that got elevated to “pretty good” by simply not being terrible, something that episodes have had a hard time doing since the beginning of season five. This week, though, Hide is simply … Continue reading

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Doctor Who Season 7: Cold War

I wasn’t going to say much more about this season of Doctor Who because there wasn’t much point in it and because who wants to read the same complaints over and over? But I’m breaking that to comment on “Cold … Continue reading

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