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Aiding and Abetting

There’s a thing going on in the comics Internet that doesn’t really need another voice throwing in on, but since this is my little corner, let me address the part that directly pertains to me. The very least a person … Continue reading

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A Holodeck of One’s Own

That’s a comic coming out from the second-worst comics company out there, Bluewater Press. They’re taking a break from cheap “unauthorized biography” comics (made cheaper by not paying the people who work on them) to do this parody book combining … Continue reading

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Portrait of the Artist as a Young Nerd

I was going to post something else today but my cousin put this photo of my on Facebook and man, how can I not share it? Yes, I am wearing a towel.

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A Bully Never Forgets

Mitt Romney recently had a story circulating about him in which, as a young man, he took it upon himself to hold down some guy and forcibly cut his hair. Romney’s since offered a notpology about his youthful pranking and … Continue reading

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