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The Embarrassment of Being a “Gamer”

Metro: 2033 was an Xbox game I played last year and enjoyed. I’ve been wanting to get its sequel, Metro: Last Light for some time. I’m not so sure I still want it, though. One of the complaints I had … Continue reading

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Dave’s Bitching About Nerds Again, So Your Hot Pocket Is Done

There’s a video making the rounds where nerd icon Wil Wheaton tells the audience why being a nerd is awesome. I’m not going to link it because there’s no need to; it’s all over the place and you can imagine … Continue reading

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At Least a Pyrrhic Victory Would Still Be a Victory

There’s been a development in the ongoing saga of the Orson Scott Card Superman story. The artist for the story, Chris Sprouse, announced yesterday that he was not going to do the art on it. DC’s response was to say … Continue reading

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A Holodeck of One’s Own

That’s a comic coming out from the second-worst comics company out there, Bluewater Press. They’re taking a break from cheap “unauthorized biography” comics (made cheaper by not paying the people who work on them) to do this parody book combining … Continue reading

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Scenes From the Class Struggle in Mos Eisley

Yesterday on Twitter, pal “Calamity” Jon Morris asked if the steampunk aesthetic showed “more than a hint of nostalgia for imperialism, class structure and a teentch of racism”. I replied that, “I think an argument can be made that most … Continue reading

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A Triumph Over Things!

That’s about half a bookshelf worth of graphic novels and trades, and yesterday I brought them up to my local (-ish) comic book store to sell. Some notable stuff in there: Bone, Skeleton Key, Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, Emma, some … Continue reading

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Nerdbro Reviews

This weekend someone linked to a comic review on a well-regarded website. The writer was someone whose name I was familiar with, but someone I hadn’t read much of, and when I clicked on the link I was reminded why. … Continue reading

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The Great American Scarf-Off

You guys know that I’m a big fan of DC’s Space Cabby, right? The thing is, that’s a lonely thing to be a fan of. Only a handful of comics, no action figures, no t-shirts…hell, he’s so unloved and obscure … Continue reading

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