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Dave’s Bitching About Nerds Again, So Your Hot Pocket Is Done

There’s a video making the rounds where nerd icon Wil Wheaton tells the audience why being a nerd is awesome. I’m not going to link it because there’s no need to; it’s all over the place and you can imagine … Continue reading

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A Holodeck of One’s Own

That’s a comic coming out from the second-worst comics company out there, Bluewater Press. They’re taking a break from cheap “unauthorized biography” comics (made cheaper by not paying the people who work on them) to do this parody book combining … Continue reading

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Scenes From the Class Struggle in Mos Eisley

Yesterday on Twitter, pal “Calamity” Jon Morris asked if the steampunk aesthetic showed “more than a hint of nostalgia for imperialism, class structure and a teentch of racism”. I replied that, “I think an argument can be made that most … Continue reading

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The Great American Scarf-Off

You guys know that I’m a big fan of DC’s Space Cabby, right? The thing is, that’s a lonely thing to be a fan of. Only a handful of comics, no action figures, no t-shirts…hell, he’s so unloved and obscure … Continue reading

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Waiter, This Awesomesauce Has Gone Sour

As long as I’m already irritating geeks anyway, I may as well go ahead and post this too. It’s a sub-part of the previous essay, but I didn’t want to go into detail on it there and open up a … Continue reading

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If You Want a Vision Of The Future, Imagine a Steampunk Boot Photoshopping a Fez on Batman — Forever

Let’s get one thing out of the way, first thing: I am a nerd. I’ve never said I wasn’t. How could I? One time at work a guy I played ‘Magic’ with asked me if I was into Doctor Who. … Continue reading

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Why Are Nerds Known For Their Intellects?

Here is an article about why the movie Mars Needs Moms did poorly at the box office, despite being a movie and being advertised. A lot of people are scratching their heads about why this didn’t make a gazillion dollars … Continue reading

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Boards and Bids

There’s a game out there called 7 Wonders that is very popular right now. I’ve played my friend Mike’s copy several times and enjoyed it, and will probably get a copy of my own eventually. It was a big hit … Continue reading

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