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Well, He IS a Dog

Last week was a hell of a week, with a lot of ups and downs, but what helped really rocket it off was on Tuesday night, when I let Cappy out for a last call and realized he was up … Continue reading

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RIP Terry Pratchett

Author Terry Pratchett died yesterday. I never really read any of his books, but most of my friends have, and are devastated. It wasn’t unexpected. Pratchett was a victim of early-onset Alzheimer’s. The same disease that killed my mother, at … Continue reading

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Ray Harryhausen, 1920-2013

When I was a kid, the Sunday Morning Movie was must-see TV. It was your delivery system for old horror and adventure movies. It’s where I first got scared of The Crawling Eye, Fiend Without a Face, Black Sabbath, and … Continue reading

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Boston Marathon Bombing

There’s nothing I can add here. We’ll be back tomorrow, probably.

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Architect of the Daleks

One of the first things a Doctor Who fan has to contend with is hilarious Dalek jokes. “HA HA STAIRS LOL” and “OMG SALT SHAKER” and “LMAO PLUNGER”, all shrieked out but people who prefer the more sane and pragmatic … Continue reading

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Grown-Ups and Death

This past trip back to Louisiana was different from all the others. For the first time, I wouldn’t be seeing my Dad, since he died earlier this year. I haven’t talked much about his death for a number of reasons, … Continue reading

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Farewell, Sarah Jane Smith

To say that you had a crush on Sarah Jane only meant that you were a Doctor Who fan in the 70s and 80s. Everyone had a crush on Sarah Jane. She was the perfect companion: smart, pretty, brave, screamy, … Continue reading

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Donald Lartigue: 1934-2011

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