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Let the Bums Count Their Blessings, While They Count the Money

Yesterday the United Kingdom decided to do the same thing we’ve been doing for some time over here: elect a bunch of nationalistic, greedy, ignorant, hateful racists into power. No, UKIP didn’t win, but the Conservatives did, and let’s face … Continue reading

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If You’re So Smart, Why Don’t You Have Your Own Plane?

Last week a story was making the rounds about two airline passengers who got thrown off a plane following a heated dispute about seat reclining. Seat reclining on airplanes is one of those taboo subjects you should not bring up … Continue reading

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Turning Up the Employment Dial

Despite what you may think based on my Doctor Who posts, I don’t watch things on TV specifically to get upset. So I had no plans to watch last night’s debate. Instead, I went over to Matt’s and we played … Continue reading

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The Legacy of Occupy Wall Street

We were playing a game and Matt had a decision to make. The card he played, as part of its cost, required him to give a resource cube to another player. He had to figure out who would benefit the … Continue reading

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Scenes From the Class Struggle in Mos Eisley

Yesterday on Twitter, pal “Calamity” Jon Morris asked if the steampunk aesthetic showed “more than a hint of nostalgia for imperialism, class structure and a teentch of racism”. I replied that, “I think an argument can be made that most … Continue reading

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I Thought I Was Poor Because I Had No Shoes, Until I Met a Man Who Had to Make Shoes

You’re hiking along a rocky trail when suddenly the gravel underfoot gives way. You slide down the side of the trail, not much, but enough to twist your ankle. You haven’t seen anyone else on the trail, you can’t get … Continue reading

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We’ve All Been Sent to the Cornfield

For ten years I lived in Champaign-Urbana, which is in east-central Illinois. In 1867 there was a problem with the right-hand side of the state curling up on humid days, so they decided to weigh it down by putting a … Continue reading

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Thrown Down a Well Comics: I Am the 53

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