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Good price or not?

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Back from Christmas Break!

We spent last week in Louisiana for Christmas, hence the re-runs. But now I’m back! My Christmas haul was: The Lego Book LEGO Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary by Simon Beecroft Lego Pirate Tank (Clone Wars) which is pretty hard … Continue reading

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Christmas Past 5

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Fritz the Reindeer: A Dave Ex Machina Holiday Tradition

Okay, kids, sit back and I’m gonna tell you a Christmas story, one I doubt you’ve heard before, but it’s all true, I swear! It started a few years ago in August. Now, we don’t usually think of August as … Continue reading

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Christmas Past 2

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I Am So Proud of My Technological Terror!

Yep, my big Christmas gift was the Lego Death Star  dollhouse  set! I started on it yesterday morning and here’s where I am so far: This sucker’s gonna take a while to get together, and probably will stay together. I’m … Continue reading

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Woo! Christmas! Woo!

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Unbelievable Dalek Christmas Tree from Lindsey J. Testolin on Vimeo. Now, the concept is first rate. But the video soundtrack? PLEASE. Have a more appropriate one. Ahhh…MUCH better!

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