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Skeleton Dog


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Well, He IS a Dog

Last week was a hell of a week, with a lot of ups and downs, but what helped really rocket it off was on Tuesday night, when I let Cappy out for a last call and realized he was up … Continue reading

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He Speaks Softly Too

About a year ago a branch in one of our trees partly broke. It was just hanging there taunting me, as nothing I did could get it down. Yesterday I finally managed to grab it with a rake and pull … Continue reading

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Ex-STREAM Dog Walking!

If you recall, last year we got Cappy a pool that we thought he might enjoy goofing around in when it got hot. He was not particularly enthusiastic about it. Yesterday we took him for a walk in Forest Park. … Continue reading

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Cappy’s February Frustration

You may have heard that New England has gotten some snow lately. We here in the hinterlands haven’t gotten as much as Boston, but there’s still a good three to four feet in most places with huge drifts as well. … Continue reading

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Cappy and the Pool

It can get pretty hot and humid up here during the summer, and Cappy really feels it. He’s got black fur an a short snout, so he heats up easy and has trouble cooling down. We try to limit the … Continue reading

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Three Years of Cappy

Three years ago (yesterday, actually) we brought home this little guy. He’s the best dog and we love him dearly. Y’all got something to say about pit bulls, come say it to him. And he’ll wag and want you to … Continue reading

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The Phone Game Sensation That’s Sweeping the Nation!

Can anyone get past Level 10 on Flappy Cappy?

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