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The Symbol Can be an S with THREE Lines Through It, Something Really Next Level

By now you’ve probably heard of Martin Shkreli, a hedge fund parasite who decided to take some time off from contributing nothing to the human race to instead actively interfere with it. He bought the rights to a drug used … Continue reading

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‘Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt’ by Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco

Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt is a look at what main author Chris Hedges terms “sacrifice zones”. These are areas in the country that have been more or less been given up to Capitalism, places where human life, human … Continue reading

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Putting the Bull in “Bull Market”

Here are four stories currently on the front page at CNN Money: Dow, S&P close at new highs on health care rally Strength in the health care sector gave stocks a shot in the arm Tuesday, pushing the Dow and … Continue reading

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We’ve All Been Sent to the Cornfield

For ten years I lived in Champaign-Urbana, which is in east-central Illinois. In 1867 there was a problem with the right-hand side of the state curling up on humid days, so they decided to weigh it down by putting a … Continue reading

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Windows at Chicago Board of Trade. The signs read “WE ARE THE 1%” Even as the axes finally chop through their barricaded meeting rooms they’ll wonder what they did wrong. #occupywallstreet

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Boards and Bids

There’s a game out there called 7 Wonders that is very popular right now. I’ve played my friend Mike’s copy several times and enjoyed it, and will probably get a copy of my own eventually. It was a big hit … Continue reading

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Business As Usual

On Tuesday we were treated to a couple of Goldman Sachs douchebags being grilled in front of Congress. They’re accused of, essentially, selling their clients garbage that they were so sure would fail, they were betting against it with other … Continue reading

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Oh Boy! ADS!

Sunday is the Superbowl and you know what that means: yep, folks are going to talk about the commercials like they just walked out of Cannes. I know I’m less of a fan of television and its ilk than most … Continue reading

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